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Dialectic Method Therapy (DMT)  is an approach closely related to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. The practice of dialectics can be traced back to the Greek philosopher, Socrates. With his sole focus on the practical application of philosophy, Socrates sought to uncover the truth through what is now referred to as the Socratic Method. It involves reducing an argument to a dilemma and logically eliminating one of the two ideas. In doing so, the practitioner achieves a meaningful state of being.

This is similar to the process by which knowledge is obtained through psychoanalysis. At its roots, psychology is very much a philosophical inquiry into the nature of the self, suffering, and purpose. Sigmund Freud considered inner conflict inevitable. Dialectic Method Therapy uses these principles to guide internal conflict to harmony and happiness. It addresses life problems through rational mindfulness that is harmonically ordered through philosophically attained truth and orients life to the good.


Existential Counseling

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

60-minute session plus a 40-minute follow-up via Skype  / Zoom

Your session will be with a Certified Existential Counselor. Typically, it takes two sessions to work out a particular issue.  

Disclaimer: Philosophical counseling is not a substitute for mental health counseling. However, it can be used in conjunction with mental health counseling with great success.


Primary Certificate Program

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

6-week online program - training delivered via e-mail

     allow 24 hours for materials to be delivered

Minimum Qualifications for Primary Certificate Program:     

Masters or doctorate from a regionally accredited university in mental health counseling, human services, education, psychology, psychiatric nursing, social work,  or philosophy.

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